What's included in SDQ terminal.

Airport Terminal

Las Américas international airport (SDQ) has a main building with two terminals: Terminal A (South) and the new terminal B (North). The airport is composed of a three-level building. Both terminals are located near each other.

Level 1 : Arrivals

Level 2 : Departures

Level 3 : Catering Outlets

Las Américas has seven gates on the main satellite concourse (A), A1 through A6, which have a shared use and in the same concourse there is an American Eagle gate, A7. Other gate facilities are for the flights departing from a parking in the taxiway. Concourse B has five gates, B1 through B4, and an American Eagle's gate B1A. Terminal B is the newest and most modern in the country. Terminal B now features a co-branded United Cluboperated jointly by United Airlines and Copa Airlines, along with the Admirals Club operated by the Oneworld alliance members.