How to get to the airport.


Local Transport
One-way Ticket : 25.00 RD$
Monthly Pass : 1,061.96 RD$
Start : 155.00 RD$
1 KM : 150.00 RD$
1hr Waiting : 300.00 RD$
1 Liter : 52.05 RD$


The taxi area is located on Level 1 of the South Terminal of SDQ. the only authorized taxi company at SDQ airport is called SICHALA.

All the taxis are operated with standard rates and most of the drivers carry a copy of the rates. You need to first confirm your destination and price before traveling to your destination. The payment is upon arrivals at your destination. The price range of the taxi to the city is about 1600-1800 RD$ and the travel time is around 20-30 minutes.

Local Buses

The local buses stops 3 km away from Las Américas Santo Domingo airport. It is not recommended to pick up local buses during night hours, it is not very safe and buses could be not running. On the upper level of Santo Domingo airport there is a bus service that runs between the airport and Parque Enriquillo or Boca Chica. Location: same place where the cars come in to the SDQ airport.